StarWatch - Get it on Google Play Store

- 2017/02/27 -

StarWatch is now released on the Google Play Store!

Download StarWatch for your Android device.

Get a look at the game with the new Trailer:

StarWatch - family & friends test has started!

- 2016/11/24 -

The first closed test has started today! Hopefully the testers will find some unknown bugs and give some decent feedback!

The demo version of StarWatch is now available on Kongregate!

- 2016/05/22 -

After many weeks of development the first playable version of StarWatch has been finished!

In a short level you can try out the gameplay and tell me your opinion.

The demo was published on Kongregate.

Play it now!

Get a look at the new game StarWatch!

- 2016/02/24 -

Things became quite around the development of a new game, but now I am proud to present the first impressions for StarWatch!

StarWatch is a classic 3d rail shooter which will be available for android devices.

You will be a spaceship pilot who entered the ranks of "StarWatch", an official group for protecting the order in the galaxy. You have the task to maintain peace for the various solar systems and fight against dark threats.

Are you ready for a new adventure?

Get more details on the official website!